The Role of Procurement Experts during the Covid 19 Pandemic

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

COVID 19 has subjected procurement professional in public, private and humanitarian sector under immense pressure to source and purchase required products to combat the pandemic.

Governments have resulted to the use of direct procurement method due to the urgent need of goods, works and services to treat and curb the spread of the disease. Private sector organizations have turned into making urgent awards and extending existing contracts to similarly increase production to match the increased demand of essential products like ventilators, gloves and masks. For the humanitarian sector, they follow the united nations procurement rules and regulations to purchase in an effort to reach the vulnerable groups.

The questions is, what is the role of procurement experts during theCOVID 19 pandemic?

  • Procurement should be involved with the top decision makers in all organizations.

  • Procurement should be at the top table in emergency planning and response.

  • Procurement professional to use framework agreements as important tools during the global pandemic.

  • Procurement as a key contributor to relief efforts.

To cushion procurement professional during such moments, governments and organizations should set exceptional rules and regulations to make procurement remain transparent and accountable, and involve professionals in participatory decision making, guided by open procurement and sourcing principles.

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Dr. Paul Jilani - DBA, MCIPS, CHSCA

Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics Expert | Certified ICF Executive Coach

Certified Healthcare Supply Chain Analyst

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