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Certified Production and Inventory Analyst

CPIA certification is designed to increase your knowledge of a business environment and in particular the role manufacturing plays in business. The program will provide insights into the many opportunities that exist within manufacturing for well-qualified personnel.
Certification Program
​The program covers the role of manufacturing and operations in the 21st century, how manufacturing forms the “engine” of the supply chain, the role of planning and scheduling in manufacturing, the various manufacturing strategies and engineering materials, and the materials management and industrial engineering support functions. Each presents a challenge to those who are engaged in the field of manufacturing and operations.
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Final Exam Passing Criteria


Final Exam - 100 MCQs - 3 Hours

Certification Overview

Just because you know how to bend metal, assemble a product or mix ingredients, doesn’t mean you understand manufacturing and operations. It doesn’t mean you fully understand the role of manufacturing. Success comes from a blend of theory and practice so a person can see how the whole manufacturing and supply chain dynamics weave together and interact. Only in CPIA do we have them coming together. Operations management, materials management industrial engineering functions supply chain operations and management-employee interface all come together in this dynamic program. It does it in a way that makes you feel that you are right there. It is the only course I’ve seen that puts the combination together. It’s made for those who want to learn and lead a manufacturing group.

The World's First Authentic Practical Oriented Approach Certification Program in Production and Inventory Management

Operating within a manufacturing and operations environment and having control over the wide range of manufacturing activities that take place within a typical manufacturing or process industry is a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic economy. Gaining this competitive advantage requires being able to identify the various operations within manufacturing and operations, and in turn recognizing the need to initiate and implement a number of continuous improvement initiatives to reduce operating costs and increase throughput.

Certification Outline

The Certified Production and Inventory Analyst (CPIA) program is one of the best certification programs in the field of supply chain management. This program helps employers to provide an exceptional kick-start to transform both new and current employees to a work-to-do professional status to reach a high level of productivity in a very short time.

Certification Outline
Module 01
Introduction to Manufacturing and Operations Management

1.1 Business Formation and Business Strategy

1.2 Business Functions and Activities

1.3 Management

1.4 Supply Chains and Customer Service

Module 03
Materials Management

3.1 Purchasing, and Warehousing

3.2 Inventory Management and Materials Handling

3.3 Transportation and Distribution

Module 02

Operations Planning and Scheduling