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Having studied and worked hard to obtain your certification, we feel sure you will want to keep it up-to-date and remain active in your chosen field. To maintain your certification VCARE requires you to participate in a continuing education experience, keeping abreast of the ever-changing world of supply chain and value chain management. Protect the investment you have made in your certification by renewing it every three (3) years.

Maintain Your Certification

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At VCARE we recognize that training and education is a lifelong journey of continuous self-improvement.

VCARE does not prescribe what a certified professional must do to maintain their certification, only makes suggestions. In general any activities undertaken in your chosen field can earn qualification points toward your certification maintenance. In general the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) requires an active participation in three broad fields; (1) Knowledge, (2) Education and Training, and (3) Self-Development.

In order to maintain your certification you are required to amass 300 points during the three year period.


To assist you in earning points we have listed a number of bullets, which you can use toward gaining the required number of points.


  1. Workshops conducted by industry professionals (10 points)

  2. Attendance at a local or international conference (10 points for each conference day)

  3. Participating in a job rotation at your place of work (1 point for each day in the program)

  4. Participating in a continuous improvement initiative at work in which there are proven results (40 points)

  5. Presenting a short course either at work or publically relevant to your field of expertise (50 points)

  6. Participating in a webinar of related knowledge (10 points)

  7. Developing and endorsing  a facilitator to facilitate a course program in your related field of knowledge (50 points per program)


  1. Achieving a further certification offered by VCARE at the same level (15 points)

  2. Achieving a further certification offered by an institution other than VCARE at the same level (10 points) 

  3. Achieving a further certification offered by VCARE at a higher level (30 points)

  4. Achieving a further certification offered by an institution other than VCARE at a higher level (10 points) 

  5. Attending an online training program and achieving a pass from an on-line certification program (15 points)


  1. Promotion in your organization in recognition of your abilities (50 points)

  2. Coaching or mentoring a fellow team member (1 point for each hour of mentoring)

  3. Writing and having your paper accepted relevant to your field of study (20 points)

  4. Giving a paper at a seminar or conference, relevant to your field of study (20 points)

  5. ​Writing a blog on your related field of knowledge (10 points)

  6. Publishing a vlog on your related field of knowledge (25 points) 

  7. Receiving an award by an industry body/organization in recognition of an achievement in your related field of knowledge (50 points)



In order to stay current with your field of expertise, VCARE recommends that you endeavour to gain 100 points of relevant CMP every twelve months during the 3 year maintenance period. This will ensure that you to stay current with changing technologies and enable you to respond with confidence to changes within your organization.

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