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Collaboration among Sustainability Procurement and Supply Chain

VCARE Academy is the world's first knowledge body, established with its primary focus on the value chain. VCARE Academy’s aim is to focus on driving 100 percent practical and operational education, teaching both the WHAT and HOW of supply chain operations.

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Program Overview

Transforming The Careers of Supply Chain Professionals  & Assisting Organizations Transform Their Supply Chains into Value Chains

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals who are active in corporate sustainability, procurement, and supply chain process improvement projects.

  • Organizations that seek competitiveness by fostering collaboration among all company sustainability projects.

  • Professionals engaged in corporate sustainability programs working with the suppliers.

  • Procurement professionals who want to learn more about incorporating sustainable practices into their day-to-day work.

  • Operations, production, and manufacturing professionals seeking organizational sustainability skills.

  • Learn how collaboration is being used to promote organizational sustainability in all areas of business.

Program Objective

Sustainable procurement is the practice of making buying decisions that meet an organization's needs for goods and services in a way that is good for both the organization and society as a whole, minimizing its impact on the environment and the stakeholders involved in the organization's sustainability program. Sustainable procurement’s role in a sustainable corporation is expanding beyond cost savings to a program that provides optimization to drive strategy, innovation, collaboration, and organizational sustainability in an effort to increase overall business value.

Module 01
Programs Operated Separately

1.1 Sustainability use in procurement

1.2 Underuse of sustainability by suppliers

1.3 Storytelling in corporate sustainability

1.4 Understanding organizational sustainability

1.5 Moving to mandatory sustainability

1.6 Planning for compliance and success

Module 02

Collaboration Improves Effectiveness