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A Cut Above The Rest



All VCARE education and training programs are vetted and approved by the EREB.

​VCARE Academy is the world's first knowledge body, established with its primary focus on the value chain. During the past three decades several supply chain certification bodies have been established; however, in the main most of the education offerings have concentrated on the theoretical aspects of the subject matter and fell short on the practical applications.

These certification programs enhance the thought process of the professionals, but many certified professionals are unable to implement the theory into practice without some extra help along the way. So, after several years of research, VCARE Academy has taken the initiative and is launching a series of supply chain certification programs to fill the existing gap in the supply chain education. These certification programs are purely based on the practical aspect of the many facets of the supply chain.

01. Subject Matter

VCARE Programs

  • Broad-Based : All VCARE education and training programs are vetted and approved by the EREB who are tasked with ensuring the subject matter is relevant, current, and can be utilized in the workplace.

02. Recognition

VCARE Programs

  • World-wide : Because VCARE programs are offered world-wide and presented by subject matter experts, the programs have the advantage for the learner of being recognized not only in his or her own country by globally. VCARE in addition provides opportunities for the graduates and entry- level learners.

03. Affordability

VCARE Programs

  • Cost-effective : VCARE is conscious of the ever-increasing cost of education and offers its programs at a cost-effective price rather than an over-the-top price charged by others.

04. Program Content

VCARE Programs

  • Needs-specific : Our programs provide the delegates with a practical hands-on platform on which to develop and hone their skills, both in the classroom and in the workplace. We believe in a practical approach to learning rather than a purely theoretical approach.

05. Availability

VCARE Programs

  • Global : At VCARE we have established partnerships with a number of international affiliates so that we are able to offer our programs around the globe.

06. Pace

VCARE Programs

  • Learner based : The education development team at VCARE recognizes that not all learners learn at the same pace, so we have developed our programs so that a learner can choose the pace at which he or she studies, if they wish to self-study.

07. Delivery

VCARE Programs

  • Tutored : At VCARE we do not subscribe to the talk-and-chalk method of learning. We believe in the one-on-one tutoring approach as we have found this provides better understanding of the subject matter on behalf of the learner. In addition VCARE has developed an on-line learning opportunity for those that are unable to travel to an institution to gain their learning.

08. Backup and Support

VCARE Programs

  • Continuous :