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Transforming The Careers of Supply Chain Professionals  & Assisting Organizations Transform Their Supply Chains into Value Chains

Releasing The Power Of Your Value Chain For Profits

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VCARE’s dedicated research and development team is constantly developing internationally recognized accredited certification programs and partnering with many International affiliates around the globe to provide internationally accepted professional qualifications.

The majority of supply chain education programs fail to provide practical insights to the workplace in order for the learner to apply what is learned in the workplace. Our programs provide the professionals with a practical hands-on platform on which to develop and hone their skills, both in the classroom and in the workplace. We believe in a practical approach to learning rather than a purely theoretical approach. 

World First Authentic Practical Oriented Approach Certification Program

100% practical education that teaches both the WHAT and HOW of supply chain operations.

Certified Stores and Stock Controller (CSSC)

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Operating within a store’s environment and managing the large quantities and value of stock is a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic economy. Gaining this competitive advantage requires being able to identify the various operations within the store and recognizing the need to implement continuous improvement initiatives to make a store more productive. Being able to identify different categories of stock and knowing how to best ensure the right material is in the right place at the time it is needed.

CSSC certification is designed to increase knowledge of the role of the store and warehouse, the functions of the store and warehouse personnel, how stock is managed and moved into through and out of the warehouse either to an internal customer or an external customer.

Certified Production and Inventory Analyst (CPIA)

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Operating within a manufacturing and operations environment and having control over the wide range of manufacturing activities that take place within a typical manufacturing or process industry is a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic economy. Gaining this competitive advantage requires being able to identify the various operations within manufacturing and operations, and in turn recognizing the need to initiate and implement a number of continuous improvement initiatives to reduce operating costs and increase throughput.

CPIA program is designed to increase your knowledge of a business environment and in particular the role manufacturing plays in business. The program will provide insights into the many opportunities that exist within manufacturing for well-qualified personnel.​

Proctored Examination

On completion of the learning program delegates have two options available to them when attempting the final assessment.

Delegates may opt to write the exam at the completion of the program in the presence of the knowledge partner conducting the program or alternatively write a proctored exam at a future date via VCARE Academy.

Certification Maintenance

Having studied and worked hard to obtain your certification, we feel sure you will want to keep it up-to-date and remain active in your chosen field. To maintain your certification VCARE requires you to participate in a continuing education experience, keeping abreast of the ever-changing world of supply chain and value chain management. 

Certification  Verification

The validity of each certificate issued by VCARE is based on a demonstrated level of competence shown by the delegate through the certification exam. VCARE provides a link through which you and your organization can ascertain if your certificate is currently valid.

Certification Renewal

VCARE does not prescribe what a certified professional must do to maintain their certification, only makes suggestions. In general any activities undertaken in your chosen field can earn qualification points toward your certification maintenance. In general the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) requires an active participation in three broad fields; (1) Knowledge, (2) Education and Training, and (3) Self-Development.

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