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Value chain emphasis on maximum utilization of nature resources?

Going green is at the forefront of everyone's mind and nowhere is this truer than in manufacturing and supply chains.

Increasing global environmental awareness, greater regulatory and governmental pressures in many countries have combined to provide large incentives to companies to reduce their carbon footprints.

Green logistics, lowering the carbon footprint from supply chain and logistics operations, must now be considered one of the main priorities for supply chain executives.

The supply chain creates one of the biggest carbon footprints through the production, storage and transportation of goods.

Executives are subsequently being forced to examine and review their approaches and respond accordingly with pressures to reduce the carbon footprint within the supply chain coming from both internal and external sources. Indeed, more and more consumers are willing to pay a higher price for greener more sustainable products while supply chain partners and even shareholders and employees are increasingly demanding more environmentally friendly supply chains.

Long-term competitive strategy is a primary concern for supply chain executives and going green is now a crucial consideration towards achieving their goals.

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