Supply Chain Knowledge Management

Both exploration and exploitation activities were two main streams, one concerned with the scope of the knowledge creation system (single product innovation process, product innovation portfolio, relationship with external actors), the other one dealing with the knowledge management process. The integration of the two strategic processes, the demand-focused and the supply-focused, usually separated. Integration as the basis of a successful value creation through inter-organizational knowledge management. A framework for the integration of the two strategies through the knowledge management processes.

Supply chain management and knowledge management fit together. Despite the recognized attitude of the firm to build external networks of collaboration, the natural network of relationships existing in the supply chain itself is presented to be the best network in which knowledge sharing and creation takes place. It has been proved that knowledge management is considered as a tool for supply chain integration. The evidence of a positive relationship between them is key factor of supply chain improvement.

The knowledge accumulation process, within the supply chain, can be considered an interesting topic to understand more deeply. The fragmented nature of complex supply chains and the complex nature of knowledge, could lead to problems of knowledge obsolescence. Better understanding is needed for updating supply chain knowledge.

Thus, the role of knowledge, with in the supply chain, in achieving superior performance at the firm level needs a deeper understanding.

Presented By:

Azhar Qadri

Operational Intelligence, Smart Manufacturing and Supply Chain Optimization Expert


Trainer and Consultant - SMEDA

Executive Member - SCAP

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