What is Expected from Supply Chain Manager

Supply chain management plays a huge role in the success of a company—not only in terms of making sure things get where they need to go but also in gaining a competitive advantage and trying to reduce unnecessary costs. Supply chain managers often utilize their big picture perspective to optimize processes and eliminate inefficiencies. Good supply chain managers know how to use technology in their favor, and to communicate findings to professionals who work in different sectors of the chain. It is a job that requires business acumen, people skills, and technical know-how.

To become an SC or operations manager; it is mandatory to have relevant SC Certification with Business or engineering graduation, possessing multiple certification in SC with master is industry norm for SC Manager. It is important to be able to communicate well with people from all departments. There is a strong relationship between the SC function and other core and support functions of the organization, such as accounting and finance, product development, human resources, information systems and marketing functions. Another important skill is time management. Some of the job responsibilities common to SC are as follows:

Supply chain managers ensure that the supply chain process—how products move from formulation to the customer—operates at peak efficiency. Their influence is significant: they can have input on everything from customer service to inventory. It's a crucial position in any company, and one that is becoming more important as technology creates new opportunities for global expansion.

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Azhar Qadri

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