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Toronto, Canada – On October 25, 2020 VCARE Academy announced that a digital security breach has partially compromised our company’s digital assets which required a rebranding and restructuring. We have moved all the resources to VCARE Academy Inc. We have taken the necessary measures to ensure that it won’t occur again. The changes are largely technical and affect only the name and organization of the business. We are now renamed as VCARE Academy Inc.

CSSC, Certified Stores and Stock Controller Program and their materials, Body of Knowledge, Presentations, Marketing and related material are the sole property of VCARE Academy Inc.

VCARE Academy has discontinued its relationship with Naeem Ahmed and he no longer has any affiliation with any aspect of our core activities. VCARE Academy contacts Information have been updated (see below). If you receive an offer to participate in any our own training and education from domain as previously set, please contact us at or call us at +1 (437) 374 4022.

Our mission and goals remain the same and please be assured that we are fully focused in furthering the body of knowledge in supply chain management worldwide and serving our partners. 

About VCARE Academy:

VCARE Academy was founded with the vision to become the world class leader in research and education in the field of value chain management. VCARE is partnered with many International affiliates around the globe. This enables us to provide our clients with internationally recognized accredited qualifications and research opportunities in the ever-evolving field of value chain management. VCARE.Academy in association with its international affiliates is able to offer a wide range of training and education programs to help you grow and excel in your career.

Global Operations

VCARE Academy, WHQ

154 Bestview Drive Toronto, Canada

T: +1 (437) 374 4022



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