Never Knowingly Ship A Bad Product

It’s bad enough to ship a bad product, it’s even worse to do it knowingly. Anyone who’s been around long enough knows that when you brush something off like this figuring Service or Warranty will take care of it, it will always come back to haunt you ten fold. I can remember a time where I worked for a company that made panels for walk-in coolers and freezers. We knowingly shipped a bowed panel overseas so we could meet our month end numbers. It got caught on the Sunday before the warehouse was to open. We had to rush and bring in people on over time to build a new panel plus we had to charter a plane to run over one panel to Europe. A panel that cost us $150 ended up costing $17500.

The guidelines here are pretty straightforward. Always, always, always, take the extra moment to make things right. The customer will always support you in this. They don’t want the bad product and you and I wouldn’t want it shipped to us either.