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We provide 100% practical education that teaches both the WHAT and HOW of supply chain operations

We assist organizations to achieve their strategic supply chain goals by gaining visibility and transforming their supply chains into value chains. So, they will be able to meet emerging business challenges

We help professionals improve their supply chain expertise and, at the same time, enhance their company’s supply chain capabilities

World-Renowned & Internationally Recognized Supply Chain Certifications

VCARE Academy is the world's first knowledge body, established with its primary focus on the value chain with its headquarters located in Toronto.


VCARE’s dedicated research and development team is constantly developing internationally recognized accredited certification programs and partnering with many International affiliates around the globe to provide internationally accepted professional qualifications.


The Next Generation Learning with VCARE ACADEMY

At VCARE we know that there is much more than just offering content-based training, more to learn from the experience of seasoned professionals, more to being a smart worker rather than a hard worker, more to sharing best practice and excelling toward a professional career. At VCARE we try to mix and match quality training with proven experience in all of our programs.


Whether you are just beginning your career or you are a seasoned professional you can never know enough. At VCARE we subscribe to the notion that education and training is a life long journey.

World First Authentic Practical Oriented Approach Certification Program

100% practical education that teaches both the WHAT and HOW of supply chain operations.

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Releasing The Power of Your Value Chain For Profits

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Education and Research Executive Board

Leaders Onboard with VCARE

 VCARE’s Education and Research Executive Board (EREB) comprises subject matter experts drawn from diversified domains in the field of value chain management


Each EREB member is an industry professional in his own right who has dedicated himself to assisting VCARE in its pursuit of global excellence.

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Education and Research Practitioner Board

Leaders Onboard with VCARE

The Education and Research Practitioner Board (ERPB) is composed of academicians, subject matter experts, and industry specialists around the globe.

ERPB regional leaders contribute to suggesting ways to meet international and local complexities throughout the value chain network.

Diversity, inclusion, and equality are part of our DNA

Knowledge Centre and White Papers

Ultimate Guide to Transforming Supply Chains into Value Chains

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Warehouse Operations should be a Strong Suit for Procurement Professionals

To be an effective supply chain leader, you'll want a mix of operational and technological skills. That's only possible if you have a solid conceptual knowledge of the supply chain operations framework.....

4 Star Rating ! Great

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Most Important Skills - Supply Chain Managers Need to Succeed at Work

SC managers have strategic responsibility but also control many of the everyday functions of a business or organization. They oversee and manage goods used at the facility such as sales merchandise, inventory.....

5 Star Rating ! Fantastic

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The First Step on the Road to Successful Supply Chain Management

The goal of this white paper is to highlight the importance of inventory accuracy for a manufacturing or distribution business that wants to be part of the competitive global supply chain networks......

4.5 Star Rating ! Love It

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Circularity: How To Get Started in Supply Chain at Any Tier

The methods discussed in this whitepaper are a hybrid of life cycle thinking and a detailed process-based approach to examining the entire operations from raw material extraction to manufacturing.....

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Bicara Supply Chain Podcast

Broadcasting Every Week All Year Round

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Green logistics implementation

Masoud Talebi Amiri, Co-founder at Ponera Group discussing: What is the possible action that the company can start the initiative of green logistics? What is meant by green logistics and how does it work?

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