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Circularity: How To Get Started in Supply Chain at Any Tier

Sustainability and Circularity

The methods discussed in this whitepaper are a hybrid of life cycle thinking and a detailed process-based approach to examining the entire operations from raw material extraction to manufacturing, transportation, distribution, customer use, and end of life. In addition to examining the processes, we also briefly touched on how to measure your target's progress over time. Since circularity will need much adjustment and fine-tuning over an extended time, you will need an easy way to create a dashboard of your progress and KPI metrics to keep you on track.

  1. So why is this ultimately important?

  2. Prepare the Preliminary Hierarchical Process Map

  3. What Processes Should You Map?

  4. Using Process Maps for Waste Reduction

Presented By

Dr. Robert B. Pojasek Ph.D. 

Dr. Bob Pojasek is an award-winning sustainability scientist, professor, mentor, and consultant with 34 years of teaching experience at the world's top universities, including Harvard and Tufts. He has trained over 80,000 professionals and assisted over 450 organizations in over 24 countries around the world.

Denice Viktoria Staaf 

Denice got her master's from Harvard University focused on Environmental Management and Sustainability. She helped companies like LaFarge Holcim, CEMEX, Maglin, Boral, Trespa, ElastoChem, Panel Rey, Good for Life, and ArcelorMittal grow and improve.

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