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Available 365 Days


VCARE Academy WHQ, Canada

CSSC On Demand - BluePEG

(CSSC) Certified Stores and Stock Controller Certification - Available 24/7 - 100% online on-demand, 365 days of the year. Enroll NOW, Pass the EXAM and Get CERTIFIED. Each Learning Module has Virtual Instructor-led Videos

CSSC On Demand - BluePEG
CSSC On Demand - BluePEG

Time & Location

Available 365 Days

VCARE Academy WHQ, Canada

About The Program

CSSC, Certified Stores and Stock Controller

Learn More Details:

OnDemand Learning Center

  1. Available 100% online on-demand, 365 days of the year
  2. Access the on-demand classes an unlimited number of times that are good to you anytime, anywhere with playback speed control
  3. Unlimited revisions empower understanding of concepts and guarantee success when preparing for certification final exam
  4. Pause, repeat, take notes and ask questions by submitting the question
  5. Each learning module has virtual Instructor-led recorded videos
  6. When you register and pay you will get access to virtual Instructor-led recorded on-demand classes that are good for 30 - 60 days

Download CSSC Program Resources

These documents will help you understand the learning outcomes and the benefits gain from the program.

  1. Download CSSC Brochure 
  2. Download CSSC Learning Outcomes
  3. Download CSSC Benefit Document

CSSC OnDemand Program Includes;

  1. Access to virtual Instructor-led on-demand classes
  2. CSSC Body of Knowledge
  3. Online Practice Exam(s) for each module
  4. Online Proctored Final Exam
  5. One Exam retake, free-of-charge; if needed
  6. Certificate on passing the final exam

Why It Matters

  • Why would you even THINK about a certification on stores and controlling stock?  Because of the amount and value of all the inventory that exists.  Proper management of stock and the warehouse can give you a great advantage when competing in todays environment of the customer saying, “I want it now.”  Take our class NOW, pass the exam, and take your place on the cutting edge of managing your warehouse and be seen as the knowledge leader by your company in stores and stock control.

Why Go For It

  • The Certified Stores and Stock Controller (CSSC) program is one of the best certification programs in the field of supply chain management. This program helps employers to provide an exceptional kick-start to transform both new and current employees to a work-to-do professional status to reach a high level of productivity in a very short time.
  • The CSSC Program provides the learners with a practical hands-on platform on which to develop their skills, both in the classroom and in the workplace. We left the theory at the door!
  • ​CSSC program enable employers to identify where the knowledge and training gaps are within their organization. Having a well-qualified and certified staff is a great competitive advantage and branding tool for a world-class business.

Important Resources:

  1. About Online Examination Centre
  2. About Online Proctored Examination

You can also pick the online OnDemand option.

  • In order to start the online OnDemand option, you have to complete the registration form below and make the payment. Once we receive your registration, we will dispatch the body of knowledge to you, and you can start your preparation of the course. Your registration will be valid for 60 Days to complete the preparation and after that you can book your final exam

Registration Process:

Please follow the below steps;

Step 01: Select the Quantity Number and Click on CHECKOUT

  • If you have the coupon code then INSERT the Coupon Code on the right side there is box to Insert the Coupon code.
  • once insert the copoun code then click ENTER Button
  • You will observe that payment will be Dropdown by as per coupon code.

Step 02: Fill out your First Name, Last Name and Email Address and Click on GO TO PAYMENT

Step 03: Fill all the details in Tickets Details Form and Click on  GO TO PAYMENT

Step 04: Select Payment method and fill your details and make an online payment

Step 05: Once your Payment is SUCCESSFUL you will REGISTER for the program.

Step 06: Download your EVENT TICKET

  • Your registration ticket includes your Ticket ID

Step 07: After registration you will receive an email within 24 hours from about your complete registration information.


  • CSSC OnDemand - BluePEG

    Certified Stores and Stock Controller

    Tax: +$52.20 PYMT Fees +$37.56 service fee



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