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The Transformational Shift: Moving from Supply Chain to Value Chain

Value Chain

The modern business landscape is a complex, interconnected web of relationships, and successful navigation requires a robust and innovative approach. Traditional supply chain thinking, which often confines decision-making within the boundaries of individual, organizational functions, or departments, is progressively being seen as limiting in the face of ever-evolving global market dynamics. Hence, transitioning from a traditional supply chain mindset to a value chain mindset is increasingly acknowledged as the key to achieving sustainable competitive advantage. This shift promotes a more holistic view of the end-to-end process, from raw materials to end customers, resulting in optimized processes, enhanced collaboration, and superior customer value.

This transition goes beyond just maximizing efficiency and improving operational performance. A value chain mindset fosters an organization-wide customer-centric culture, encouraging supply chain professionals to align their activities with customer needs and preferences. In doing so, it aims to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also urges breaking down organizational barriers, fostering stakeholder relationships, and enhancing communication, information sharing, and coordination. Promoting a proactive response to changes in market dynamics, technological advancements, regulatory requirements, and other external factors ensures resilience and agility, preparing businesses for the uncertainties of tomorrow.

Presented By

Denice Viktoria Staaf 

Denice got her master's from Harvard University focused on Environmental Management and Sustainability. She helped companies like LaFarge Holcim, CEMEX, Maglin, Boral, Trespa, ElastoChem, Panel Rey, Good for Life, and ArcelorMittal grow and improve.

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