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Education and Research Practitioner Board

ERPB Member
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Ong Tun Kim


Global Supply Chain Leader

IBM Manufacturing Solutions

Tun Kim is an established professional and proven leader in Procurement and Supply Chain Management for more than 25 years.  She is the go-to professional to share knowledge, expertise and experiences on end to end supply chain management for client and industry engagements.

Tun Kim serves in the IBM Faculty Academy since 2018 contributing to Global Leadership programs. She helps facilitate leadership workshops with the intention of growing and developing leaders in IBM.  She is also the founder of #I_Will Program, a holistic development program that focuses on developing soft skills of leaders and aspiring young talents.  Through the program, she has trained up top talents to deliver beyond their technical competencies.  In addition, Tun Kim volunteered as industry and career mentor to Academia to provide insights into Supply Chain domain and industry as well as career advice.

As Tun Kim is highly regarded as an inspirational leader, she  is sought after as a coach, a mentor and a speaker in many IBM and External events to share experiences and inspire others.  In 2019, Tun Kim received the Bronze award as Mentor & Coach of the Year in the 16th Annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business presented in New York.

Tun Kim’s extensive supply chain expertise, professionalism, leadership style and passion to help others grow and develop is what Supply Chain needs now and into the future.

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