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Education and Research Practitioner Board

ERPB Member
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Dr. Federico Fioretto


Chief Executive Officer

Exsulting Ltd.

Federico Fioretto: Ll.M., Hons, MSC. Specialized in Sustainability Management at Harvard University.

35 plus years of international experience as entrepreneur, trainer, coach and speaker in the fields of Leadership, Sustainability & Circular Economy, Conflict transformation.

Founder and CEO of Exsulting, the Italian Startup in Business Intelligence and Strategic Sustainability advisory providing the unique ISO based Sustainability tool Embedded Sustainability Index® and related services.

Creator of  The CASE Method® for Sustainable Leadership and effective decision making. To teach this he was called in 2014 – 2015, one of the only two European professionals chosen, by US President Barack Obama YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) project to raise a new generation of business and social leaders for the African Continent.

Chair of the Embedded Sustainability Committee of AIAS, the largest Italian organization for HSE professionals and managers.

Associate of, a Belgian social enterprise operating in international projects of Sustainable Development.

Registered Advisor for Leadership and conflict transformation at the European Parliament.

Partner of the Smart Industry Forum, a global initiative for the development of leadership and business models for Industry 4.0.

European Partner of the Centre for Corporate Performance and Sustainability.

Member of various scientific societies, he is author of “It’s Good Business to do Good with Business” and “Sustainable Leadership: The CASE© Method”. Has also published books and essays on leadership, the crisis of contemporary human society, communication in healthcare, conflict transformation and peace studies.

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