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Education and Research Practitioner Board

ERPB Member
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Darima Semenova


Managing Director

Insight Projects Group

Darima has 25+ years of experience in operations, finance, and business development as a consultant, analyst, and methodologist. She worked for diverse industries, including oil and gas, IT, banking, and services. She has diverse experience with small and large businesses as a team leader. She launched a few businesses from the first stage to the regular stage.

Currently, for more than 15 years, she has been working as the managing director of Insight Projects Group, which provides supply chain and logistics education services for professionals and supports talent development programs in many companies, including FMCG, Pharma, Chemistry, Automotive, Mining, Manufacturing, IT, Constriction, and others. Supporting organizations in implementing international operations standards for the end-to-end supply chain to support deep understanding of business processes by strengthening cross-functional interaction through the continued learning of individuals and teams

Darima got her BS in Human Resources and Economics from Moscow State University and completed her MBA from the American Institute of Business and Economics.

Core Professional Interests:

  • Digital transformation in Supply chain and Logistics

  • New technology in Education (EduTech)

  • Trends and Innovation

  • AI and ML for Education in Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Business Modeling and new business

  • Strategic Business Planning

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