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Education and Research Practitioner Board

ERPB Member
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Brigitte Kempgens


SC Manager - Hydrogen Business

John Cockerill

Brigitte Kempgens is a result driven, end-to-end Supply Chain & operational excellence manager who operates on all levels in organizations to develop a culture in continuous improvement based on Customer Focus, Lean Operations and Operational Excellence.

Supply Chain excellence is crucial in most activities from next day package delivery to vaccine planning and distribution; it includes raising risks and constraints while customers put more and more value on services. In this regard, today's delighters are tomorrow qualifiers. Theory helps understanding principles and rules; it supports common language and understanding on a conceptual level but this is not always sufficient to unlock “Supply Chain Magic''. The approach VCARE is proposing brings the additional tactical and operational aspects into play; it inspires shop floor and middle management, supports continuous improvement and ultimately deploys the full potential of supply chain excellence. I am very honored and excited to be named to VCARE Academy's Education and Research Practitioner Board (ERPB) and will partner with supply chain leaders, industry experts and academicians to add value to the community.

Proven competencies in management of international supply chain teams and related projects: forecast and demand management, supply planning from multi year plan to fine scheduling, Sales & Operations Planning process, continuous improvement of “On Time In Full” (OTIF) deliveries to customers, inventory management.

Mobilizing global teams through trust, shared ambition and personal involvement.

Program management in building and up-scaling continuous improvement culture: mindset & behaviors, deployment approach, governance, stakeholder management

Significant cost reductions and process improvements realized in various industries including year on year optimization of OWC over Sales. Ensuring people taking ownership. Pragmatic approach.

Specialties: Throughput optimization, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)/ Integrated Business Planning (IBP), Lean Operations, Operational Excellence, Analytics, project management, Inventory management

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