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Education and Research Executive Board

EREB Member
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Zeeshan Ilyas


Supply Chain Professional

Supply Chain

- Education and Research Executive Board (EREB)

A supply chain expert who has experience in formulating and executing functional and cross functional supply chain strategies. Led sizable end-to-end functional initiatives for improving efficiency & business growth. Experienced in managing multicultural and local teams. Served in various sectors, & conducted several supply chain transformation projects. Imparted knowledge of supply chain in new product development and supported in growth of new projects. Manages ERP implementation cycle, as a functional lead / subject matter expert. Thoroughly understands and practices quantitative modelling tools (optimization, statistical analysis, business intelligence, advanced planning and scheduling).

Core expertise include procurement, production planning, logistics, warehousing and S&OP. Experience of undertaking negotiations and contract management, to achieve organizational objectives. Expert in devising, collecting and analyzing data in formulating vital strategies. Extensive background of developing and implementing strategic / operational initiatives and processes. Challenge current business models and approaches to develop out-of-box strategic solutions to business needs with facts and figures.

Collaborative and inclusive leader with proven success record in training, developing, coaching, and mentoring cross-cultural, multidisciplinary teams. Currently, working with global mentors, authors and experts of DDMRP, RFID and SCM.

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