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Denice Viktoria Staaf

M.A, B.A.


Labeling Sustainability Inc

- Founding Member and Vice President

- Center for Corporate Performance & Sustainability

Denice has worked with various organizations in the fields of the supply chain, manufacturing processes, and raw material sourcing in life cycle analyses and sustainable management consulting.

She has over two decades of hands-on experience in sustainability in manufacturing organizations working in organizations globally. She founded the consulting firm Labeling Sustainability to help building product manufacturers understand their product and operational impacts. Denice has consistently helped her clients to reduce energy, waste, and hazardous raw material inputs from their products. Also, she helps organizations to communicate their efforts to their stakeholders.

Denice holds three degrees, the most recent is a Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability from Harvard University. Her main focus was on life cycle and organizational sustainability. She is a constant seeker of knowledge to better help her clients solve their biggest sustainability hurdles and completes continuous educational pursuits with this purpose in mind. Denice recently completed certificates in material health and transparency and supply chain management from the Parsons School of Design and Rutgers University, respectively.

Through her work at the Center for Corporate Performance & Sustainability, her primary focus is on the systemic development of the sustainability process approach to get organizations results through a transparent, collaborative, and in-depth look at their inputs and outputs, focusing on waste management and circularity. The process approach taught at the Center for Corporate Performance & Sustainability is based on decades of proven results to help organizations reach their zero waste and circularity goals.