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Collaboration among Sustainability, Procurement and Supply Chain

Middle East

Hossam Tawfik

Telecom Egypt

Senior Manager Vendor Management

5 Star Rating ! Love It


A must-have mini-master in collaboration among sustainability, procurement, and supply chain management, not only for the criticality of the topic but also for the insights you will gain from Dr. Robert B. Pojasek, who showed a mastery of the topic with extensive hands-on experience.

Statistics of Feedback and Program Outcomes

01. Conceptualization.png

Conceptualization and Practical Learning in the program


02. Upskilling.png

The program role play in Upskilling and Capabilities Enhancement

03. Insights.png

Knowledge and Insights to Implement Improvement Plan gain from the program 


Very Effective

04. Content Design.png

The program Learning Content and Instructional Design

05. Necessity.png

Necessity to Acquire the program

06. Competitive.png

The program role play in helping to Achieve a Competitive Advantage

Extremely Helpful! Love it

Extremely Essential! A Must Have


Mini-Master Class CPSC | Why Go For It !

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