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Collaboration among Sustainability, Procurement and Supply Chain

South Asia

Syed Farzeen Ahmed

The Aga Khan University

Procurement Buyer

5 Star Rating ! Love It


The Mini-Master Class in Collaboration among Sustainability,  Procurement and Supply Chain offers excellent insight into sustainability practices. It is a one-of-a-kind program that explains in detail and provides a practical approach to real-life situations. As global organizations are moving towards sustainability and incorporating such values in the company's vision and values, this course elaborates on how you can ensure sustainability through procurement. As a procurement professional, this course has helped me learn how I can ensure collaboration amongst the internal and external stakeholders to achieve competitive advantage, as we are already working on the UN's SDG goals and incorporating sustainability practices in our organization. I highly recommend this course and certification to SCM professionals in order to have in-depth knowledge of how sustainability will play a pivotal role in the years to come.

Statistics of Feedback and Program Outcomes

01. Conceptualization.png

Conceptualization and Practical Learning in the program

100% Above and Beyond

02. Upskilling.png

The program role play in Upskilling and Capabilities Enhancement

03. Insights.png

Knowledge and Insights to Implement Improvement Plan gain from the program 

100% Above and Beyond

Extremely Effective

04. Content Design.png

The program Learning Content and Instructional Design

05. Necessity.png

Necessity to Acquire the program

06. Competitive.png

The program role play in helping to Achieve a Competitive Advantage

Extremely Helpful! Love it

Extremely Essential! A Must Have

100% Above and Beyond

Mini-Master Class CPSC | Why Go For It !

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