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Educating, Engaging and Empowering Communities, and Womens in Supply Chain

In Collaboration with our Partners and Community Development Initiatives, we are running a capacity building program for educating, engaging and empowering professionals, womens in supply chain, who lost their jobs during Covid19 crisis, currently unemployed and struggling to grow in their career due to lack of resources. You can request a discount/partial scholarship and take advantage of this opportunity. But unfortunately, this opportunity is for a very limited time and number of professionals.


We cannot guarantee that partial scholarship/discount will be always available and subject to VCARE Academy committee sole discretion to ACCEPT or REJECT any application.

(CB) Capacity Building Initiative Available for


  • Young Professionals under 35 years

  • Womens working in supply chain or wish to start in the supply chain field

  • Those who are currently unemployed or lost their jobs during pandemic

  • Professionals with less than 5 years of experience in supply chain

  • Working in supply chain but not having a professional degree in the supply chain or related fields

  • Monthly salary less than USD1500

Global Customer Support

+1 (437) 374 4022

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