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C.J. Nord



Supply Chains for Good

With over 25 years of distinguished leadership in the manufacturing sector, C.J. Nord is recognized for her supply chain acumen, visionary thinking, and steadfast commitment to ethical standards.

Throughout her career, C.J. has collaborated with government and private entities to avert major disruptions to the supply chain, and to support public safety. In 2019, C.J.'s personal battle with cancer fueled her drive to make a broader impact, leading her to establish Supply Chains for Good. Through this innovative platform, she leverages supply chain methodologies to tackle pressing societal issues, driving legislative changes, and fostering impactful initiatives. Notably, C.J. is the architect behind the Supply Chains for Good Civic Academy and the pioneering "There’s Cash in that Trash" Profit-Driven Circularity workshop. In addition, C.J. offers comprehensive services encompassing training, consulting, appraisal, and advocacy.

Beyond her professional endeavors, C.J. exemplifies a deep commitment to education and community empowerment. Her collaboration with VCare underscores her dedication to equipping high school students and individuals seeking second chances with valuable supply chain skills. As an advisor for The Center for International Trade and Transportation and various education advisory boards, she champions learning and growth on a broader scale.

C.J.'s advocacy extends to esteemed high school career programs such as SkillsUSA, EXP, and Vital Link, where she serves as a proud ambassador. Her ambition to expand VCare education nationwide, starting in her native California, reflects her unwavering commitment to creating opportunities for the next generation.

C.J.'s professional expertise is underscored by her Lifetime Certified Purchasing Manager credentials from The Institute for Supply Management and her Certified Supply Chain Professional designation from The Association for Supply Chain Management. Her contributions to community service have been recognized with accolades such as the BRAVO award for bravery in community service as Neighborhood Watch Captain, and the "Woman of the Year" honor from the Women’s March Foundation for her efforts against racism.

Widely acknowledged for her expertise, C.J. Nord has been featured in esteemed publications including the Los Angeles Times Business section and The Wall Street Journal. Yet, despite her numerous accomplishments her dog remains unimpressed.

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