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VA-EREB-Member_16. Robert B Pojasek-31.j


Certified Stores and Stock Controller

United States

Bob Forshay

Mastermind Group, LLC

Principal - Consultant - Trainer

4 Star Rating ! Great


Where your goal is stockroom and inventory fundamentals, this program takes you a long way towards your goal.  This is also an excellent stepping stone towards bigger goals and responsibility such as director of operations or global supply chain manager.  This program helps give you more depth that is critical to understanding the most important focal points of a well run warehouse operation.

Statistics of Feedback and Program Outcomes

01. Conceptualization.png

Conceptualization and Practical Learning in the program


02. Upskilling.png

The program role play in Upskilling and Capabilities Enhancement

03. Insights.png

Knowledge and Insights to Implement Improvement Plan gain from the program 


Very Effective

04. Content Design.png

The program Learning Content and Instructional Design

05. Necessity.png

Necessity to Acquire the program

06. Competitive.png

The program role play in helping to Achieve a Competitive Advantage

Very Helpful! Really Good

Very Essential! Important


CSSC Certification | Why Go For It !

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