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World First Authentic Practical Oriented Approach Certification Program

100% practical education that teaches both the WHAT and HOW of supply chain operations.


Middle East and North Africa

(CPIA) Certified Production and Inventory Analyst

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60-90 days of access to the learning centre


11 Sep 2022 - 11 Dec 2022

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Payment Method

Online using a Debit Card or Credit Card

The Cost of the Program

USD 1450 + 6.5% PYMT Fees

Capacity Building Initiative


Certification Process
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We help professionals improve their supply chain expertise and, at the same time, enhance their company’s supply chain capabilities


Certification Process


Select the
Certification Program

(CSSC) Certified Stores and Stock Controller

(CPIA) Certified Production and Inventory Analyst


Select the
Mode of Learning

Online Live Face-to-Face

Classroom Face-to-Face

OnDemand Instructor-Led Self-Paced


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Registration Process

Make a payment to complete the enrollment process


Attend the
Certification Training

Online Live Face-to-Face

Classroom Face-to-Face

OnDemand Instructor-Led Self-Paced


Study and Prepare
for the Exam

Reread all the modules from the BoK.

Once the final revision has been completed for each module, do the practise exams and determine whether you need to review the BoK one more time before taking the final exam to guarantee success on the first attempt.

Every learner is distinct, with a distinct learning style and potential.


Schedule the Exam
Online with iProctor

Contact Global Support to schedule the final exam. Learners will be provided with the instructions to schedule the final exam via our online exam booking system.


Take the Exam
and Pass

The Certificate carries a unique ID which offers an easy process to let your employer or prospective employers verify the credentials.

Certification is valid for a period of three years.

To maintain your certification VCARE Academy requires you to participate in a continuing education experience.



The validity of each certificate issued by VCARE is based on a demonstrated level of competence shown by the delegate through the certification exam. VCARE provides a link through which you and your organization can ascertain if your certificate is currently valid.



Having studied and worked hard to obtain your certification, we feel sure you will want to keep it up-to-date and remain active in your chosen field. To maintain your certification VCARE requires you to participate in a continuing education experience, keeping abreast of the ever-changing world of supply chain and value chain management. Protect the investment you have made in your certification by renewing it every three (3) years.



VCARE does not prescribe what a certified professional must do to maintain their certification, only makes suggestions. In general, any activities undertaken in your chosen field can earn qualification points toward your certification maintenance. In general, the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) requires an active participation in three broad fields;

  1. Knowledge

  2. Education and Training

  3. Self-Development.

Why it Matters

Being able to demonstrate that you meet an industry standard or level of excellence is what a certification is all about!

Just because you know how to bend metal, assemble a product or mix ingredients, doesn’t mean you understand manufacturing and operations. It doesn’t mean you fully understand the role of manufacturing. Success comes from a blend of theory and practice so a person can see how the whole manufacturing and supply chain dynamics weave together and interact. Only in CPIA do we have them coming together. Operations management, materials management, industrial engineering functions, supply chain operations and management-employee interface all come together in this dynamic program. It does it in a way that makes you feel that you are right there. It is the only course I’ve seen that puts the combination together. It’s made for those who want to learn and lead a manufacturing group.

Certification Program Outline

(CPIA) Certified Production and Inventory Analyst